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You are your own obstacle – Monsoon Shower

You are your own obstacle


Along the years, I had a lot of good ideas. And I am certain if it was implemented at that time, things would have been significantly different. There were many reasons why that did not happen. Few of the villains are,

Whenever I had a bit of free time, the thought process was, I would get to it once I catch up on that episode of my favorite TV show (which would end up as a marathon watching), or I will just check the messages on social media (you know how that goes).

There were always reasons to complain. The work was too mundane, boss was not being supportive, how could I have a decent life on this salary? But the next day would be also the same routine with no change. Life was getting too stagnant. Neither learning any new things nor changing anything.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t…  either way, you’re right”. If you think you are too exhausted to change things for the better, you are right. Or if you think you can start that business you always thought about, again you are right.

I used to ‘hangout’ with a lot of people who did nothing but gossip about colleagues and whine to each other. Eventually though, you have to realize they would never contribute anything worthwhile to you and worse still, will kill whatever drive you have built up. Finding like-minded people are hard. But if keep looking. They would provide the much needed support to your goals. also, for me, success is measured by the level of happiness. Along with positions should come happiness. Else what is the meaning in that success?

Last but definitely not the least, A Sound Mind Resides In A Sound Body. Get enough sleep, Eat in a disciplined manner on fixed time. Makes a lot of difference in your energy level.


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