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Banana Bread

Posted by Paul in Recipe on November 5, 2016


So here I am working in a culinary institute for almost two years now.  It was bound to happen.  I baked. I really like eating it. I figured I will enjoy making it too.  A huge thanks goes to @shrutisfoodography ; been calling her up non stop for every step of the way.  Same goes to @annika.panikker too (you guys are not off the hook yet though).

Started off smoothly enough but the amount of sugar that the recipe calls kind of startled me,  I mean who puts one cup of sugar in two cups of flour,  so I cut that to straight half.

I advise you guys not to do that. Turns out there is a reason recipe calls for specific measurements.

Luckily I used over ripe banana that compensates  for the lack of sugar and didn’t have to  throw away the whole thing.


My next creative idea came when I was setting the temperature for the oven.  175 degree celcius seemed a bit harsh for the mild mannered batter. So I kept at 160.

Again,  I recommend you guys follow the recipe to the letter until you have a few baking sessions under the belt.

Took an extra 15 minutes for it to brown properly  and that in result made the bread a bit dry.  But overall I kind of liked it. .  The others were kind enough to say that it was quite good.  For a first time baker.

I’ll take it.


I took the awesome recipe from the awesome Elise Baur (@simplyrecipes)

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